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solar power 2021 | DHA Solar Leading the World's Sustainable Energy Future

solar power 2021 | DHA Solar Leading the World's Sustainable Energy Future

#DAH Solar Power# #Half-Cell High Efficiency PV Module 550w# February 18, 2021. Today is the first working day after the Spring Festival holiday. DAH Solar has resumed production and hope for a good start in the New Year. Today, officials of the Luyang District Government of Hefei City, Anhui Province and reporters from Hefei TV Station came to the DAH Solar factory to express their solicitude. The director of Anhui Daheng Energy Technology Co.,Ltd and the team leaders of the production workshop accepted the media interview.And People's Daily Online, China News, China Business Daily, Anhui Daily, Hong Kong Commercial Daily and many other media have reprinted reports. DAH Solar smart photovoltaic module production workshop has stepped up production of international orders. In addition, the new assembly line is about to be put into production, and the workers are carefully debugging and testing the products. As we all know DAH solar are professional solar panel manufacturer since 2009 with 1.5GW capacity, exported more than 100 countries, currently we are supplying new high efficiency module 450w-550w。 More info please visit us:

DAH solar | 2020 SNEC PV POWER EXPO Shanghai


2020 SNEC,As the world's largest photovoltaic exhibition in 2020, Shanghai SNEC has experienced "postponement", "exhibition adjustment" and other influences, and finally opened the exhibition hall to meet you.

DAH Solar carries its own research and development products, intelligent photovoltaic Smart PV panels and innovative products, 166mm 9BB Half-Cell High Efficiency Solar Panels shown in DAH solar Booth, many customers expressed great interest in new products. During the exhibition, we now have technical guidance to demonstrate the working principle of the intelligent PV module smart cloud platform, and more importantly let customers understand the economic benefits that can be brought to customers, and let customers accept and recognize our solar panels and solar power systems.

Currently we are supplying new high efficiency module 450w-550w. More infos welcome to mail to: Mob/Whasapp:+86 13721041763,open 24/7.

Anhui Daheng Energy Technology Co.، LTD (DAH Solar for short) در سال 2009 با ظرفیت 500 مگاوات در سال تاسیس شد. ما یک شرکت ملی فناوری پیشرفته، متخصص در توسعه و ساخت ماژول PV، ساخت و بهره برداری از نیروگاه های PV، تعمیر و نگهداری و سرمایه گذاری هستیم. محصولات ما توسط صدور گواهینامه بین المللی مانند تایید، CE، CEC، inmetro، fide و غیره و صدور گواهینامه داخلی مانند cqc، رهبر، iso9001، iso14001، ohsas18001، و غیره تایید شده است. در عین حال، خورشید دچار ریشه در بازار داخلی شده است، در حالی که خورشید به طور فعال در بازار بین المللی جستجو می کند و شبکه فروش را در بیش از 50 کشور در سراسر جهان ایجاد کرده است. خورشید به طور مداوم به R&D از محصولات سرمایه گذاری می کند و در حال حاضر بیش از 30 اختراع ثبت شده است. پلتفرم پویای هوشمند pv و پلتفرم مانیتورینگ ابر که توسط خورشید Dah ساخته شده است، در خط مقدم صنعت خورشیدی قرار دارد.

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